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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Does dripping faucet prevent frozen pipes?

Usually we don't want faucet to drip. But its true that if you let the faucet drip cold water, it will surely help prevent from freezing. 

Prevention Procedure
You can do several things to prevent frozen pipes at freezing temperature-
  1.  Keep the thermostat at 55 degree Fahrenheit approximately when you are not at home
  2.  Don't stop the flow of water inside pipe. Let it drip at lower speed at least. It may save you. 
  3.  Add insulation if you want a long term solution. 
  4. Use heating tapes outside the pipe 
Way to thaw freezing Pipes:
Okay, you are here may be because you are already facing the problem. So I am telling you about some the possible solution-
  1. Flow water through pipe. It will help melting the ice. Water flow melt ice. Turn on the faucet now if it is turned off.
  2. Use heating pad to wrap the pipe. You can use a towel to flow hot water through it, air drier or, space heater to increase temperature. Be cautious, overheating may melt the pipe.
  3. Call a plumber in your area if needed. We have a list of plumbing companies around the world. 
If you get the required information, you can comment below about your experience. It may help someone to solve their problem.

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